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22 Sep 2011

Symantec, Responsys, and spam: perfect partners? Email

I was most displeased to find the message below in my spam folder today. It was sent by Responsys on behalf of Symantec. I know it is real because it has a valid DKIM signature from

The address they sent it to is one that was scraped off a resume of mine a long time ago, and is now being sold by mainstream spam list brokers like InfoUSA. It appears only in spam lists; I believe that a fair number of ESPs are aware of it as a flag for dirty customer lists.

Needless to say, I am not a physician, nor do I have any but academic interest in HIPAA compliance. I suppose there's a certain irony in Symantec sending the very kind of junk that their MessageLabs subidiary filters out, but what in the world were they thinking?

Note: If you're from Responsys or Symantec, feel free to drop me a note if you need help improving your Worst Practices.

From: "Symantec Corporation" <>
Reply-To: "Symantec Corporation" <>
Subject: Webcast: First-of-its-Kind Security Risk Assessment Tool Helps Physicians Qualify for EHR Incentives
To: [an address I never gave them]
Symantec Confidence in a connected world.
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Symantec Corporation

Risk Assessments:
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How will your organization address Meaningful Use
Stage 1 requirements around HIPAA risk analysis?

Regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH require you to make privacy and security top priorities for your healthcare organization. Symantec, the leader in security and data protection solutions, is here to help.

Come join us and learn how Allscripts Privacy & Security Risk Assessment powered by Symantec finds deficiencies and then recommends solutions for meeting the demands of these regulations, helping you qualify for HITECH incentives.

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First-of-its-Kind Security Risk Assessment Tool Helps Physicians Qualify for EHR Incentives

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 28
Time:11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Presenter: Jenn Artura,
National Manager, Business Development & Strategic Alliance, Symantec

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