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05 May 2008

Happy Birthday Spam on the BBC World Service Email

I was interviewed this afternoon on the BBC World Service newshour program, about the 30th anniversary of the first spam.

To listen in, visit the program's web site. Click the "Listen again" link and, although it was recorded and broadcast on Saturday the 3rd, it is the Sunday 2000 GMT link.

The interview is with Lyse Doucette and starts about at about 13:45 into the hour long program.

posted at: 14:59 :: permanent link to this entry :: 2 comments
posted at: 14:59 :: permanent link to this entry :: 2 comments

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Can't find it. I listened to the whole Saturday 2000 programme (at double-speed, happily) and didn't hear it (nor Lyse). Lyse did the Saturday 1300 show, but you weren't on that either (and it's truly painful to listen to Lyse's ultra-annoyingly mannered voice for that long, oy).

(by Barry Leiba 05 May 2008 13:21)

Where the archive is
For some reason they filed it as Sunday. Article updated.

(by John L 05 May 2008 15:00)

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