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15 Dec 2010

Holomaxx gives up on two defendants Email

In early November, a hitherto obscure company called Holomaxx filed two lawsuits against Yahoo and Microsoft/Hotmail, complaining that they weren't delivering mail from Holomaxx, and against Return Path and Cisco/Ironport, claiming that they were were falsely defaming Holomaxx as a spammer.

As I said at the time, regardless of whether Holomaxx is sending spam, this case is devoid of merit for a variety of reasons. Earlier this week, Holomaxx retreated a little, dismissing the charges against Return Path and Ironport. The court filings are uninformative, one sentence dismissing each defendant without predjudice, which means that they could (in theory at least) sue them again later.

Ken Magill noted this first, with a comment from Return Path just saying that they're pleased to be out of the case.

Microsoft is supposed to respond on Friday, so assuming they do I'll see if they say anything interesting.

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