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12 May 2006

March of the Frogs Email

As I predicted last week in this blog entry on Blue Security, the Frog's fans leapt to its defense, with a blizzard of more or less interchangable outraged messages, often refuting points I never made. Oddly, very few comments appeared on the recent message that was at the top of the blog's home page, but instead on an earlier message I wrote last July. Huh?

It didn't take too much looking through my logs to find that I was the honoree of an astroturf campaign by one of the Frog's acolytes. In a a blog entry he made this morning he said:

Here is the article. Please visit and take a minute to post positive comments about BlueSecurity. BlueSecurity is encouraging us to do such things so let's help them spread the good word. Many thanks.

Followed by a direct link to my old article. I guess I should be pleased to get the attention. But what I really want to know is what's the trick to getting an entire volunteer PR team to work for free.

Update (May 11): I put in a few twiddles so that people who try to follow the astroturf link mentioned above instead arrive at a page telling them to look at my whole blog, which a whole lot of them did, as evidenced by the 31 comments on this entry. But they still don't seem to have figured out that repeating the same assertions over and over don't make them any more persuasive, and I wish they would stop refuting alleged arguments that I never made.

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