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22 Jul 2013

E-pending in real life Email

The other day I got an odd flyer in the mail, sent from Singapore, advertising a $1,000 six volume reference set about wellbeing, which is apparently an academic subject these days. (Click on the label to see the whole thing.)

This is a rather odd thing to arrive in my mailbox, since it is not a topic in which I have ever shown the least bit of interest. But a little squinting at the label reveals what happened.

It's addressed to Prof. John Levine, University of Pittsburgh, at my home address (which is not hard to find, but is irrelevant here so I greyed it out.) While I am not a professor at the University of Pittsburgh, an unrelated guy with a name similar to mine is indeed a professor of psychology, a field which seems a lot more relevant.

So clearly someone in Singapore found his name on a list, Googled the name, typed in the first address that showed up, which was mine, and sent a flyer halfway around the world to the wrong person. The result they got for paper mail e-pending was just as bogus as the results people get from e-mail e-pending. (Is this p-pending? s-pending?) Whatever it is, it reminds us that bad marketing is bad marketing in any medium.

Attention marketers: I am not this guy either, nor am I one of the authors of this paper, even though I happen to know some of the other authors.

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