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14 Jul 2005

Oh, that explains it Email

Last month, Microsoft's Hotmail decided to check Sender-ID on all of its incoming mail, and display a warning box for messages where the Sender-ID said they came from the wrong place. This provoked widespread sceptical responses (including one here.) They further said that in November, they'll even show the warning box for mail with no Sender-ID info at all and perhaps move it into the junk mailbox.

This aggressive move was surprisingly out of character for Hotmail, and we couldn't figure out why they were making a move that in all likelihood will route lots of real mail to the spam folder and leave 100% Sender-ID compliant phishes in the inbox. But one extra bit of info makes it all clear.

Remember when Bill Gates said that the spam problem would be solved in two years? Well, that was in January 2004, and the time will run out pretty soon. If they shoot the Sender-ID magic bullet in November, all the spam will be dead by the end of January, right? I can hardly wait.

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