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30 Jan 2013

The incredible leakyness of commercial mailers (cont'd) Email
Last week I
blogged about the way that lots of otherwise legitimate companies leak e-mail addresses to spammers. Here's a few more thoughts.

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20 Jan 2013

The incredible leakyness of commercial mailers Email

Acronis is a company that sells backup software. They have been around for over a decade, and have lots of big respectable customers. The Wall Street Journal is the nation's leading business newspaper. Equifax is one of the big three national credit bureaus. Shelfari is a book interest web site owned by Amazon. The Economist is a globally influential newsweekly. is a popular photosharing site for airplane enthusiasts. What do they have in common?

They all leaked my address to spammers, and none of them have ever accepted any responsibility.

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07 Jan 2013

ICANN WHOIS Compliance -- legend or myth? ICANN

Every once in a while, when I come across a domain whose WHOIS is particularly bad, I send it in to ICANN's WDPRS reporting system. So here is the entire entry for the domain

Domain Name :
Registrant :
Domain Name Server :
For more information,please go to:
(If you visit that web site, it's not much more informative, other than saying that the registrant is ENAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.)

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Making multi-language mail work (Part III) Email

In the previous installments we looked at software changes in mail servers, and in the software that lets user mail programs pick up mail. What has to change in the user mail programs?

Keeping in mind that I am far from a usability expert (my ideal interface is a model 33 Teletype), there are a few things that I can describe without going into the details of exactly how they would look.

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